Imaginary Forces – Prole Art Threat! (HVMIX009)




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An interview with Imaginary Forces for The FADER




Imaginary Forces, Visitation
Released by Fang Bomb
Format: 12″

Available from:

01 Preternatural
02 Enlightenment
03 Visitation
04 (A Drift) feat Closed Circuits




Electronic Explorations 412




Basic Rhythm, Raw Trax
Released by Type
Format: LP

Available from:

01 Raw Trax (Weekend Rush)
02 Raw Basics
03 Prototype
04 Maintain
05 Your Love
06 Get Dark
07 Feel Me
08 Break It Down (4 Da Kru)




Imaginary Forces, And What?
Released by Halcyon Veil
Format: 12″

Available from:

01 And What?
02 Chat ‘Bout?
03 High Rise
04 Make Ends Meet
05 Make Ends Meet (London Something Version)




Imaginary Forces with Kwam, Darkos Strife & Saint




Imaginary Forces, Shift Work
Released by Bedouin Records
Format: 12″

Available from:
Honest Jon’s

01 Council Flat
02 Shift Work
03 Council Flat (Roly Porter Version)




Imaginary Forces – Bedouin Mix




Imaginary Forces, Low Key Movements
Released by Entr’acte
Format: CD

Available from:

01 Inna
02 A Bedroom In Woodford Green
03 East Man
04 Armshouse
05 Young Head
06 Wage Packet
07 Pevensey Road
08 Skatta
09 Ordell Road




Imaginary Forces – WAR002




I have been invited to give a presentation of my work for VEMS at the EMS studio
in Stockholm on the 5th of October 2014 




Imaginary Forces, Corner Crew EP
Released by Sleep Codes
Format: 12″
Artwork by Adrian Teodor

Available from:
Sleep Codes

01 Corner Crew (Frozen Version)
02 Whiteboys
03 Continual Dub
04 We’ve Gone Too Far




Imaginary Forces – Institut fuer Zukunft Mix 




Imaginary Forces – Entr’acte Mix




Radio Live Transmission: 22 Years of Pirate Broadcasts with Rude FM





Psychedelic Entropy: An Interview & Mix by Imaginary Forces for The Quietus




Imaginary Forces, Begotten
Released by Fang Bomb
Format: Cassette
Artwork by Petter Ottosson

Available from:
Fang Bomb